Market Penetration

Our global network of consultants are here to help you expand your business.

We can guide you step by step to enter into a new market of your choice by evaluating the overall value proposition of your company or product and its commercialization potential in the target market. Market Penetration is a growth strategy that involves selling more of your current products or services to your current target market. Although there is no radical change to the company’s corporate strategy, it often provides a significant opportunity to increase both revenues and profit.

Entering new markets may also involve a considerable level of risk. A market is an identifiable group of customers. Because you are selling to new customers you may have to develop an understanding of how their purchasing habits and motivations to buy differ from your current customers. This market may require considerable changes to your marketing strategy, such as breaking into new distribution channels.

The complexity of pursuing growth exists in the fact that each company is unique, and each industry requires a different set of considerations for strategies that are both practical and have a high likelihood of success. By thinking carefully and creatively about how to increase market share or product >usage, you may be able to increase profit without substantially increasing risk. Our team of experienced consultants hold more than 30 years experience on the field of market penetration, and our unique approach with our clients and portfolio of companies will help us gather the resources, partners and tools in order to expand your business. For more information please don't hesitate in contacting us!