Technology Commercialization Assessment

Yo have a patent, invention or product? Let us analyse it's potential to transform it into a wealthy business using a state of the art methodology proven by the NASA.

Nowadays companies and institutions around the world fill more patent applications and develop new technologies every day. Over 45% of those patents, technologies or products are never commercialized, the reason is that there is a lack of evaluation of their potential for being commercialized. Most of the time research, development and commercialization is made without an evaluation of critical subjects required for commercialization. The results are that when those technologies or products are intended to be commercialized they face the following issues:

1. Customers are not willing to pay for them
2. There is not a value proposition for the market
3. Patents already protect the entrance of the technology/product
4. The market is so small and it will not be profitable for commercialization
5. It cannot be patent protected

To help our clients create a Wealthy Businesses around new technologies or products Aztek Global Ventures applies a methodology developed by Prof. Brett Cornwell in collaboration with the NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). The aim was to address the evaluation of projects with the minimum resources in order to discover potential commercialization opportunities of technologies and products in global markets. They can be under development, already patent protected or just simple ideas. This Methodology is called Quick Look. The purpose of a Quick Look Report is to present the results of a high-level assessment of the potential commercial viability of the subject technology/product. As such, this report presents an overview of the conditions in relevant markets with potential customers, opportunities for commercialization in these markets, issues the technology or product may face in gaining market access, and suggestions for facing these issues. As a high-level assessment it does not contain the depth of detail that is required to build detailed venture plans, business models, business plans and intellectual property protection strategies. However, the Quick Look Report will substantiate what is determined by the research to be the most viable course for commercialization of the technology or product. It will also identify potential partners, customers and other resources that can be engaged for technology commercialization.

The Quick Look Report includes the following subjects:
1. Potential Benefits of the Technology or Product
2. Competitors and Competing Technologies/Products
3. Potential Commercial Markets
4. Potential Clients
5. Potential Challenges
6. Potential Opportunities
7. Recommendations

A Quick Look Report will help to make the right decisions to target the best markets in the world, increasing the opportunity for companies, institutions and entrepreneurs to create Wealthy Businesses through technology commercialization.The Quick Look also includes:

1. A list of customers which are already interested in buying the product or technology
2. Contact information of Investors and Venture Capitals already interested on investing
3. Potential partners, government aids and programs to support the commercialization

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