Technology Route Assessment

The purpose of a Technology rouse Assessment is to present a unique step by step strategy to develop a product or technology. A Technology Route Assessment as its name describes it is a report aimed to mitigate the risk of non-acceptance of the product or technology being developed. This can be done before the prototyping or during the prototyping stage preferably but it can also be used to improve the market accpetance of a product or technology already developed. The Technology Route Assessment pays extreme importance to the following topics:

1. Current available technologies and products.
2. State of the art patents and technologies.
3. Customer feedback over already available products and technologies.
4. Fields of scientific research common to the subject technology or product.
5. Price/Cost acceptance.
6. Market barriers and regulations.
7. Market testing.

With a Technology Route Assessment our clients will have enough tools and knowledge to create products and technologies that will be successful on the market with a low risk.

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