Technology Commercialization

You have a patent or product? Let us analyse its potential to transform it into a wealthy business.

Our team of consultants in intellectual property and technology commercialization deliver world-class strategies to commercialize new technologies using state of the art methodologies. Our mission and values guide our work. Years of experience has led us to the creation of a consulting process designed to transform patents, inventions and new products into wealthy businesses. Our commitment to both our clients and our core values is what makes us deliver the results we promise.

"We don't do consulting to be on business, we do it because we believe that our clients can change the world."

Our intellectual property team specializes in the analysis and design of commercialization strategies for new technologies using state of the art methodologies to identify the right markets, customers, partners, and business models to create wealthy businesses. With a strong background education in Physics, Biotechnology, Chemistry, Nanotechnology, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Bio-medical Engineering and Economy we are able to deliver complete solutions for technology commercialization for almost any technology in the market. For more information please don't hesitate in contacting us!