Success Stories

DataCraft & Magic - Sofia, Bulgaria
"Aztek Global Ventures aid us in the development of the commercilization and venture strategy of our company. Thanks to their expertise and professionalism we were able to close initial deals with potential clients, raise funds for the development of our technology and understand the market dynamics to develop better products." Atanas Ilchev, CEO DataCraft Magic
Center for Human Photosynthesis Studies
"Aztek Global Ventures has brought us a more complete understanding of the technology commercialization potential of our technology and the different possibilities we have to commercialize them. Their unique approach and commitment to deliver what they promise is what gives us the confidence that we will succeed thanks to their support. - Arturo Solis, CEO
Chrysalis Chile
"We are exited about our cooperation with Aztek Global Ventures, they hold a big and incredible portfolio of companies and technologies that will change the world for the better. Their unique perspective about entrepreneurship as a result of joining forces with talented and ethical people gives us the confidence that good things will come." - Javier Gotschlich, Partner
Rodrigo Gonzalez Fernandez
"Thanks to Aztek Global Ventues I was able to develop the prototype and sell the patent for my water cleaning device in Spain. Their unique approach and speed in developing complete technology commercialization services was a great experience. Thanks to their support I was able to sell the technology to a big energy company. - Independent Inventor
Elizabeth Sanders
"Thanks to Aztek Global Ventures executive program I was able to understand the importance of market dynamics in the development of a business plan and the different approaches to commercialize a technology or product at a global scale. Aztek's team of global-mindset founders and entrepreneurs has provided me and my partners with the necessary skills to pursue our medical devices venture." - Entrepreneur .